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Wool Coffins

Woven With Love

Leaves and Bees Handwoven and Felted Wool & Willow Coffin

Exquisite & Unique Wool Coffins handwoven & felted in the UK.

Full range available from very early premature babies through to adult. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for and we will endeavour to help.

View our full range of available designs using the drop down menu or request bespoke themes and colours. 

Coffins & caskets for pets are also available upon request. 

We also offer both plain & decorative wool pillows and coffin covers for those seeking to add warmth and personalisation to other wooden or wicker coffins.

Our coffins are available directly to the public upon request.  


We warmly welcome all trade enquiries from Funeral Directors & other Service Providers.


For all enquiries...

Telephone 01597 829690

Thanks for submitting!

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