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The Woollen Cwtch Company was established in 2021 to help create a meaningful purpose for our beautiful British & Welsh Wool.

As a felt maker and weaver I have an unwavering passion for wool and our traditional heritage crafts.  Following the passing of my own Grandmother I made a promise to apply the skills that I have to build something that brings good into this world.

The wool coffins I have developed use a combination of skills and techniques including spinning, felt making, weaving and upholstery. 

The Woollen Cwtch Company works hard to support the work our British Farmers, recognising the true value of our wool.  Through creating a sustainable purpose for our wool I hope to support a return to fair value payments for all Farmers and members of British Wool.

The use of wool in coffin making also extends beyond finding a use for this abundant and renewable resource.

Wool has many inherent qualities that make it particularly suitable for this purpose including being completely biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals.

Wool coffins can help to create a much more comforting experience for those saying goodbye to their loved one.  There is a warmth and beauty that comes from the use of wool that cannot be matched by other materials.  This is especially meaningful when it comes to the creative design of infant and baby caskets.

The Woollen Cwtch Company prides itself on the respect and care it holds for all those we work with along the way.  It truly is a company that is woven with love.

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