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Skirting and rolling fleeces at shearing time

The Woollen Cwtch Company was first established in 2021, with its distinctive and unique weaving and felt work style. 

We use a combination of skills and techniques including spinning, felt making, weaving and upholstery to develop and create beautiful, yet usable designs that reflect the abundance of nature around us. 

The Woollen Cwtch Company is unwavering in it's support for our British Farmers and recognises the true value of wool as a natural and renewable resource. We are working hard to support a return to fair value payments for all British Farmers and are proud to be a Licensee member of British Wool.

Wool has many inherent qualities that make it particularly suitable for application in coffin making, including being completely biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals.

Wool coffins can help to create a much more comforting experience for those saying goodbye to their loved one.  There is a warmth and beauty that comes from the use of wool that cannot be matched by other materials. 

A cwtch is a Welsh word that has no direct translation into the English Language.  It refers to a very special type of safe and warm loving hug, filled with love.

The Woollen Cwtch Company prides itself on the respect and care it holds for all those we work with along the way.

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