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Premature & Tiny Babies

The Woollen Cwtch Company believes everyone should have a warm, beautiful resting place.

No matter how early or small, we guarantee we will be able to create a beautiful hand felted or woven coffin or keepsake that respectfully honours every single child that needs one.

Using only natural and biodegradable materials we create stiffened wool felt coffins for premature & tiny babies. Strong and solid to the touch, completely natural and environmentally friendly.

If you would prefer a soft touch wool felt coffin please do let us know and we will be happy to create this for you. Your choice matters. 

We also create woven wool coffins for premature and tiny babies in our traditional wool & willow style.


A felted pure wool felt coffin with naturally stiffened base.  Hand felted toadstools, butterflied, snails and fern leaves. Fully lined & soft wool mattress. Made to size.

woodland soft cradle coffin 4.JPG

Feather Cocoon

A felted pure wool felt coffin with a naturally stiffened base. Hand felted pure wool feathers lid.  Fully lined & soft wool mattress. Made to size.


Fern Leaf Nest

A woven pure wool nest style coffin created using our hand spun and felted Welsh wool.  Fully lined with a tapering wool liner and soft wool mattress (creating a nest like feel).  Pine wood base.  Made to size.

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