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The Farmer's Basket

The Farmer's Basket

The Farmers Basket, is named in recognition of the 35000 British Farmers who send their wool through the British Wool Board every year. The generational skills, knowledge and work behind the production of British Wool is world class and steeped in history. The wool in these baskets will have been handled by multiple generations of family, working together, from the tiniest hands helping to fill the wool sacks during shearing through to great grand parents working in the sheds alongside them.

Affectionately known in house as The Drury Basket after the Wool Scholar and unwavering advocate for fair value returns for British Farmers, Kate Drury, who first requested this style of basket.


Creamy Devon Long Wool rope is woven on a Somerset willow frame to create a chequerboard style effect. This basket overflows with texture, showing the beauty of the natural materials it is constructed from.


This British Wool storage basket is a rectangular basket, handwoven using twisted wool rope from Devon Long Wool flocks. Guaranteed British Wool.

A very useful everyday basket on a pine base. Perfect for storing an array of items including fire kindling, hats & gloves, toys and books.

Available in two sizes

Small - 40cm (l) X 30cm (w) X 30cm (h)

Medium - 50cm (l) X 40cm (m) X 30Cm (h)

Removable, British Wool fabric liner included.

Made to order - Ships within 14 days

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