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The Lapworth Basket

The Lapworth Basket

Inspired by the abundance of fossils found hidden amongst the hills and the valleys like ancient treasure. This basket reflects the spiraling formation of ancient Gastropods, turned to rock.


The Lapworth Basket takes its name from Charles Lapworth, the geologist who first recognised the importance of the geological period pertaining to the fossils discovered within North and South Wales. He named the newly identified period they came from after the Celtic Ordocvice tribe whose land extended across Wales before the arrival of the Romans.


A generous and heavy wool basket, handwoven using twisted wool rope from Devon Long Wool flocks. Guaranteed British Wool.

A commanding willow basket on a pine base.

Extra Large - 60cm (w) X 45cm (h)

Please note this basket narrows towards the top edge.

Removable pure wool fabric liner included (with wool braid ties)

Made to order - Ships within 14 days

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